The Danger of changing Blogging Platform

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Last month, I’ve change from to a self-hosted WordPress blog and just like a person moving from one apartment to another, you are bound to encounter problems when you move from one blogging platform to another. We all know that gives you the ability to setup customize domain and use your own registered domain while your blog is hosted for free on

Let me tell you some of the problems/issue that I encountered when I moved from Blogger to WordPress.

1. Broken links – Links that you have establish to other sites and those that you placed on comments will the first that will be affected. This happens because permalinks from blogs usually ends with “.html” while on WordPress, they are usually just your post title like this one. “” So even if you setup your WordPress Permalink via “SETTINGS > PERMALINKS” and made sure it will end with “.html” you are still not 100% sure that you have the exact URL for every link that you establish on other sites, when you are still using

2. PageRank – For most personal blogs, especially those who places advertisement on their blogs, PageRanking is important. PageRank is used by Google Search engine to determine on how high and low your site will be displayed on a certain search result. So the higher your pagerank is the higher your site is displayed on a search result. PageRank is establish by the number of links that you spread across the web and the more links you have the higher your PageRank. But for some reason, when I was at, Teknisyan‘s PR never when up to PR 2 that was more than 1 year at, but now since I moved to a self-hosted WordPress the PR of is PR 3. Though I suspect that even though the permalink for each post was broken the URL “” still affected my Pagerankings.

3. Analytics – I use Google Analytics to track the “health” or progress of my blog, so when I moved to WordPress, I used the same Google Analytic codes that I placed on your So I know if should have continue tracking my blog but that’s was not the case. It somehow stopped tracking the activity on the site for atleast 4 days. Checkout a screenshot below.

I moved to WordPress last June 7, 2011 and notice that from June 8 to June 12, there was no activity being tracked on my blog but when I check my Stat Counter (another web analytic tool) that I was getting the usual number of visitor per day. So I suspect that it was cause me using WordPress and I just let it stay there and it eventually worked.

4. Gadget and Widgets – If you’re on you know that Google or has a lot of ready-made Gadgets or Widgets that you can use even if you’re have zero (0) knowledge in web programming. Yes, there are ready made widgets like “Popular Posts”, “Blog’s Stats”, “Followers”, “Feeds”, “Labels” and “Recent Comments”, I know WordPress also has widgets like these but of course there are some widgets on that you are not on WordPress and vice-versa. So you may need to find sometime to re-establish the widgets that you have on to WordPress blog.

5. Labels – uses labels while WordPress uses Category and Tags, so if you moved your blogs that haved been labeled on, these will be gone when you moved to That’s what happened to me and as of this time, I still have 728 uncategorized post. So I need to manually categorize and tag them.

6. Advertisements – Blogs on have been integrated with Google’s Adsense, Adsense for Feeds and Amazon Associates. So if you have these setup chances you will need to move the ads from to WordPress. But the problem is that on there is no codes that you can just copy and paste. You will need to create the Adsense ads, setup the adsense feeds and Amazon Associates when you moved to WordPress. But if you are using other advertising platform like Adbrite, Infolinks and nuffnang, you can just move the codes to WordPress.

7. Themes – Of course moving from to WordPress, you won’t be able to use or transfer the themes that you are using to WordPress. Luckily I patterned my template to the layout of, so when I moved to WordPress, I used that same template. If you want to use that same layout, you can download it here.

So far those are the problem and issues that I encountered when I moved to a self-hosted WordPress site. Of course this will also apply the other way around, if you moved from WordPress to or move from a particular blogging platform to another. So if there’s something that I forgot, comments are welcome.

Last modified: July 17, 2011

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