Yahoo! Mobile (Ph): What gives?

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Ok, this is really mind-boggling. The last published date on the mobile site of Yahoo! PH News is almost 3 months outdated. At first I thought is was just a cache or cookie issue, but after clearing those two it’s still outdated. So thinking that it’s my phone, since I’ve been banging and dropping it lately, so I accessed the same mobile site on my computer and here’s what I saw.

Yes, an outdated content as well. It’s not 3 months outdated, since the last published news is dated Jun 19, but still outdated. So now this is a shout-out to Yahoo! Mobile NewS Team/group, What gives? News should be breaking and always updated. Are you running out of people to maintain your sites? It’s forgivable if its just a day or 2 but for 3 months. I guess you can call this post a personal rant!

Last modified: July 7, 2011

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