Skype for iPad now available for your video-chatting needs!

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After more than a month of waiting, it looks like the Skype for iPad app is now officially available on iTunes. If you can remember, the Skype for iPad app was leaked by an untimely upload of the Skype for ipad video on Skype’s YouTube Channel, which was immediately taken down, though the video was already downloaded and viewed a number of Youtubers.

The native iOS Skype app will be a good alternative for ipad 2 owners who bought their devices in here in the Middle East where the facetime feature has been disabled.

Checkout some of the released press-shots after the break.

The Skype App is more than 16 MB, available in 16 languages and compatible with the original iPad and iPad 2, on the original ipad, you can just do a voice chat with a one-way video, assuming the person on the other side is using ipad 2. You must be running iOS 4.0 or above. To download and install the app, you can just click here. I’ll post a review later. Btw, the leaked video have been reuploaded on Skype’s YouTube Channel.

Last modified: August 2, 2011

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