Amazon Redesigns Web Site, Prepares for War!

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If you have noticed Amazon just redesigned their web site to a more cleaner and updated look, which I personally like and it’s more eye candy now than an eye-sore.

In the redesigned site, Amazon minimized the number of items on display, changed the list of departments into a drop-down menu, a much larger search bar and less clutter. The large search bar is an indication that Amazon would prefer you to use the search feature more than just manually browse each department, which is a pain in the ass.

Speaking of which, you may also notice that most of the items on display are mostly gadgets (less on clothes and shoes), you call me paranoid but why is the iPad is not even in the 100 Best Sellers in Tablet PC? Of course it may be just a coincidence but you have to dig further in order for you to be able to view the product page and buy page of the Apple iPad or use the SEARCH.

The redesigned web site appears to be in conjunction of the upcoming Amazon Kindle “Tablet”, which I first read at TechCrunch. In the report, the Amazon “Tablet” is a 7″ (2 finger) multi-touch tablet, with a single-core processor, 6 GB of internal storage and uses a forked version of Android (Yes! you can call this Amazon Flavored Android), and instead of the Google’s Android Market, it’s integrated with Amazon’s Android Appstore (clever!). Other hardware feature (or not a feature) of the Amazon “Tablet”, No Camera, WiFi (3G?) connectivity and of course the browser will still be chrome unless you are allowed to install the upcoming Firefox browser.

I would suspect that the Amazon “Tablet” will be full integrated with the Amazon’s Cloud Player and Kindle Cloud Reader, and the price will be a $250.

If you’re a longtime Amazon customer, you will surely love the new and redesigned, but not all user will get the new redesigned site, since Amazon said in a The Wall Street Journal report that the redesigned site is still in testing phase, of course this may change between now and until the Amazon “Tablet” is introduced. So what do you think about the new

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Last modified: September 5, 2011

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