Apple to annouce the next iPhone on 10/04/2011

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Looks like the long wait is finally over. Apple have been sending invites for iPhone event at Apple’s Cupertino campus on Oct. 4. It is expected that Apple will finally announced the much awaited iPhone 5, which is considered by Mashable the most in demand iphone to date. This will be the first keynote of Tim Cook as the CEO of Apple and I won’t be surprise if Steve Jobs will have an appearance in the event.

The iPhone 5 is reported to have major upgrade in the spec-sheet like; 8 MP front facing, larger RAM (1 GB), faster processor, larger screen and a better GPU. Another Apple product that is expected to be launched on Oct. 4, is the new iOS 5, that will introduce more 200 new features like; Notification Center, iMessage, Newstand, deep twitter integration, Reminders, new on-screen keyboard, OTA update, Air play mirroring and more.

It’s been 16 months since Apple introduced a new iphone and I just the wait is worth it, just ask Rob Shoesmith of the iPhone 5 Experiment.

Last modified: September 29, 2011

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