Giant-size and “Real-as-Life” Playable Angry Birds!

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Ok, we’ve seen the promotional “Angry Birds” video by T-Mobile, where people controls a real-life angry birds game using the games installed on a smartphone. Of course we all know that is not “real” but one Chinese Theme Park in Changsha (capital city of Hunan, in south-central China) created their own version of a real-life, life-size Angry Birds Arcade.

You’ll be using (Angry) birds as your ammo with a gigantic slingshot to pop those balloon pigs sheltered on wooden blocks. Frankly, it can never get real than this one. I would assume that the Giant “Angry Bird” Arcade is the main attraction for this Chinese Theme Park.

I’m not so sure if the theme park owner got a nod from Rovio to create this one of a kind game or they’re just really inspired by the game. More photos and a video when you hit the source link.

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Last modified: September 6, 2011

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Giant-size and “Real-as-Life” Playable Angry Birds!

  1. Wow, this is absolutely awesome! I would really love to play this, hope this comes to Europe soon 🙂

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