Gmail’s offline goodness!!

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It looks like Google will bring the offline access to your Gmail account from Chromebooks to Google Chrome browser. In a blog post, Google said “When we announced Chromebooks at Google I/O 2011, we talked about bringing offline access to our web apps, and now we’re taking our first steps in that direction. Gmail offline will be available today, and offline for Google Calendar and Google Docs will be rolling out over the next week, starting today.”

In order for you to access your Gmail offline on your Chrome browser, all you need to do is to install the Offline Google Mail app to your Google Chrome browser, after installing the app, it will then sync your Gmail account with the Gmail Offline app, so that you’ll be able to access them offline, and according to the app’s description, it is still in “beta”.

The app will also change the UI of your Gmail account and it look more like a web app than your regular web based email service. But seriously, I like the idea of bringing the offline access to Google Chrome, since this will benefit those people who are on the move and sometimes find themselves without any internet connection.

The offline access will also be available to Google Calendar and Google Docs that will start rolling-out next week.

Last modified: September 1, 2011

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