Google uses Doodle to promote Google+

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Yesterday, Google finally open the Google+ project to every netizen and is now on public beta, which Google should have done much earlier. Now it looks like Google is bringing out the big guns in order to attract more Google+ users by creating a one of a kind doodle, of course this is still far from the artistic-level when they created the playable Pacman doodle, Guitar doodle or the video doodle of John Lenon.

The doodle is a straight-forward ad that promotes the newly open Google+. If you visit, you will surely notice that animated big-blue arrow doodle that points directly to “+YOU” or your Google+ name on the Google navigation bar and once you click it, it’ll redirect you to the Google+ signup page, clever right?

This only shows that Google is willing to use all its resources to crack the social media market where Facebook is clearly the runway leader. I won’t be surprise if Google will automatically create a Google+ account for people who signup for other Google services like Picasa, GMail,, Youtube and more.

So if you still don’t have your Google+ account, just go to and just follow the blue-arrow!

Last modified: September 21, 2011

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