How much do you like or dislike the new Facebook?

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These past 2 weeks, Facebook has been busy adding and updated existing features like the new Facebook photo, layout and then there’s the new Friendlist, Subscribe, new Ticker and a few hours ago Mark Z. announced the new FB Timeline, that basically shows a year of your life in just one page.

Changing something that a lot of people are already comfortable using, more often than not will receive a lot of criticism, negative feedback and a more straight answer is that “NOT EVERYONE LIKES THE NEW FACEBOOK!”. One facebook user did the next best thing, created a letter that is obviously addressed to FACEBOOK themselves. The letter is a straight-forward messages saying that he preferred the old nd simple Facebook UI and even compare the simplified Facebook to twitter and a warning that Facebook might face the same fate of Friendster and MySpace.

Anyway, checkout the translated letter and the original (screenshot) after the break.

Dear Facebook,

We like you when you where still simple. Why are you starting to be emotional and complicated. I’m afraid that what happened to your sibling FRIENDSTER will happen to you as well and now he’s a “has been” and just playing games and your cousin MULTIPLY is just selling whatever he can. Even though your brother TWITTER is always talking and talks about rumor all the time, he remain simple, then there’s your other cousin Tumblr even though he has his own world he chooses to be plain and silent.

Please try not to change too much, this may be the reason of your downfall. I still cannot understand why are you doing all these changes and the more you change the more I cannot understand you hahaha!

Your addicted user 🙂

I personally like the new UI specially the new FB Photo but don’t like the new Ticker, since I feel that I’m a chat-room monitor when I look at that darn thing, I have not seen or use the new Timeline but judging from the screen shot, there will be part that I’ll surely like and part that I will dislike.

So now let me ask you “How much do you like or dislike the new Facebook?” Just drop in your answer using the comment box.

I tried to track the creator of the letter, since it’s been shard by a lot of people already, I can no longer locate him/her.

Last modified: September 23, 2011

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How much do you like or dislike the new Facebook?

  1. Henry says:

    Many of my friends complaining about the new FB appearance. But for me, that’s fine because their trying to make changes which they think this will help the members for better viewing and easy to navigate.

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