Mozilla developing a browser for Tablets; “Post-PC” Era imminent!

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It looks like Mozilla do not want to be left behind when “Post-PC” era comes in full-throttle. Barlow a member of the Mobile UX Team, recently posted a number of UI concept design for the Mozilla Firefox for Tablets and judging from the screenshot the first version of Firefox for tablet will for Android 3.0.

The design for the FF for tablets looks to be minimalist, the Mozilla still retails key features like the Awesomebar, tabbed browsing, bookmarks, history, and your synced desktop activity. Rather than a strip-down version of the desktop Firefox browser, the FF for tablets will be based on the Firefox for smartphone with that has a codename “Fennec“. Even if FF for tablet is based on the smartphone version of FF, it would awesome if they can develop a tablet (Firefox) version that has the performance of the desktop version of Firefox.

No word yet as when the FF for tablet will be available but I’m sure word will spread like fire once it’s available for download. To follow the development of Firefox for Tablet, you can click here and here.

Last modified: September 1, 2011

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Mozilla developing a browser for Tablets; “Post-PC” Era imminent!

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