Sony Tablet “S” and Sony Tablet “P” are now Official

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At the IFA 2011 in Germany. Sony has finally unveil the two tablets that have been the subject of many tech blogs and provided more information about the tablets like specs, price, availability.

The Sony Tablet “S” is a 9.4” tablet with WXGA TFT LCD touchscreen display, powered by NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 Mobile Processor 1GHz, and has a form factor that looks like a tablet that has been fold into half. Sony Tablet “S” will be available in 3 variants, 16 GB/32 GB Wifi Only and a 16 GB WiFI/3G model.

The Sony Tablet “P” will also be using NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 Mobile Processor, is a reminiscent of the Microsoft’s Courier tablet or a small version of the Acer Iconia, that has a two 5.5” touch screen that looks more like a picture frame than a computer tablet. It only be available in 4GB model and will support WiFI-3G connectivity.

Sony Tablet “S” will be running Android™ 3.1 upgradable to Android™ 3.2, while the Sony Tablet “P” will be running Android™ 3.2, right out of the box, which a little odd. As previously reported the price range for these slates will be anywhere between $500.00 to $699.00 but considering the stiff competition between android tablets, we may see a lower price tag once these slab hit the store-shelf. You should start seeing Sony Tablet “S” on display by the end of September 2011 and Sony Tablet “P” come November 2011.

For the exact specs and additional information about these two Sony tablets, you can click here.

Last modified: September 3, 2011

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Sony Tablet “S” and Sony Tablet “P” are now Official

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