4 Basic Things You Need to Know About Cable Internet

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Millions of people are connecting to the internet through the cable TV network every day, especially in developed countries. Broadband internet is very common these days, and one of the most common and most effective kinds of internet is the cable internet. The cable internet is very strong and reliable in terms of speed, security and availability, and this article will be giving you 4 basic things you need to know about the cable internet.

It is Often Expensive than Other Forms of Broadband Internet

The number one thing you need to know about the cable internet service is that it is often more expensive than other forms of broadband internet connection. The reason for this is that cable internet isn’t offered independently, it is tied to your cable TV subscription and as a result you first have to pay for cable TV access to get cable internet – that means you still need to pay for cable TV even if you don’t plan to use it, which might not be that convenient for some people.

Your Speed is determined by the Number of People on the Same Cable Line

A lot of people emphasize the speed cable internet can provide, but very few people mention that the speed can’t be predictable. A single cable line is shared among several households, and that cable line has a particular speed associated with it. What that means is that the speed for a cable line will be shared among the number of people online at a moment. In other words, if there are 20 or more people online at the same time the internet won’t be as fast as when there are only two or three people on the same cable line.

It Isn’t as Secure as DSL or Dial-Up

You should also know that even though the cable internet network is more secure than wireless broadband, it isn’t as secure as other services such as DSL internet or dial-up internet. The reason for this is that the cable internet works through a different protocol from DSL, and is also always online. As a result if a hacker tries to take over your computer from the internet it will be difficult for you to disconnect your internet connection so as to prevent them from doing that.

Your Speed is Not Affected by the Location of the Cable ISP

The good thing about cable internet is that, as long as you’re able to get cable network access, it doesn’t matter whether you in a rural area or in one of the most developed areas around you, you will still be getting the same internet speeds. The cable internet service is not dependent on your location or the location of the cable ISP base center. You can get access to cable internet anywhere you are able to use the cable TV service.

Editor’s Note: This guest post article is written by Paul, a cable internet expert. He specializes in helping people find the best cable providers by zip code.

Last modified: October 24, 2011

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