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Looks like Google has started integrating G+ to their existing services and the first step is to use your G+ Profile as your profile. The G+ and Blogger integration is still in testing period and its available to bloggers who switch will automatically get access to the Google+ integrations we’ll be rolling out in the future.

The G+ Profile integration is currently available if you switched to Blogger in Draft mode and will roll-out to all blogger users later. If you don’t want to wait and want to use your G+ Profile as your Blogger Profile, just switched to and click “Get started” if you cannot see that, then just click here then follow the steps that will appear on the screen.

Google appears to be starting the G+ and Blogger integration, since my Blogger Profile is no where to be found. Also the G+ and Blogger integration will not work if you have your blog under a pseudonym and since I’m sure there’s a real reason why you are not using your real name for your blogger profile.

This is a great move from Google specially for those who uses both G+ and Blogger. This will help blogger use a unified profile for both services and also attract more user for Google Plus. Personally, I don’t like the idea of maintaining more than one profile which is really time consuming and requires a lot of work. You can also expect Google to either replace or integrate the Google Friend connect with G+ in the near future. 🙂

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Last modified: October 26, 2011

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