Happy 10th anniversary iPod!!

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It’s the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPod and MacWorld has a great article on how the first iPod came to be and led to Apple’s great unveiling on October 23, 2001. I don’t have an iPod but I do have it’s distant relative the iPad 2. If you can remember Apple when out of the box in releasing the first (a lowly mp3 player) iPod, even though the market was already saturated with mp3 players.

Makes me wonder what would have happen if the original iPod was a bust instead of a “blockbuster”, will Apple still go a head and create the iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air?

We can talk about this all day but one this is certain the iPod was the lowly mp3 player that started it all.

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Last modified: October 24, 2011

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