Safari on iOS 5 is faster than iOS 4!

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New Relic recently publish a test/study that they’ve made benchmarking the performance of Safari browser on iOS 4 and iOS 5 and the end result is, Safari browser on iOS 5 is perform much better, efficient and loads web pages 3 times faster than the Safari browser on iOS 4.

The test results from New Relics can be seen from the snapshot below.

Seriously though, you don’t need any studies to know that Safari browser on iOS 5 is much better than the one on iOS 4. On iOS 4, no tabbed browsing, it only loads the web pages of web sites that are active or the one on the screen. While on iOS 5.0, tabbed browsing, multi-tasking is as smooth as butter sliding on a hot pan and to top it off, you can actually open multiple page at the same-time and all web page will load without any problem.

So what are you’re take on the new iOS 5?

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Last modified: October 27, 2011

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