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Youtube recently launched a localize version of the Youtube Platform, then Youtube Philippines which is the first in Southeast Asia.

In a blogpost, Adam Smith, YouTube Asia-Pacific’s Director of Product Management said…

As we were launching this new Philippines homepage, we also had the launch of two official government channels from current President Benigno Aquino III at his official channel and news channel. Through his representative Secretary Ricky Carandang, President Aquino also announced his plans to have a livestreamed chat with us with our YouTube World View program on November 4, in partnership with ABS-CBN. President Aquino will be the first Head of State in Asia to participate in the program, and you can ask submit and vote on questions via Google Moderator starting October 21.

This new Philippines homepage spotlights the most relevant videos to Filipinos, as well as more content from an array of Filipino partners such as broadcasters ABS-CBN, GMA Network Inc., TV5, record labels VIVA Records/Vicor Records, Pinoy Tuner, Star Records, and production company Oak3. If you’re in the Philippines, the site will automatically detect your location and send you to the Philippines page, but anyone interested in Filipino content can get there by just selecting “The Philippines” at the bottom of the page in the Location section.

The Youtube also partnered with top Filipino media companies like GMA, ABS-CBN, TV5 and music companies like VIVA Records, PinoyTuner, Vicor Records, Star Records and Oak3.

At the sametime Youtube also open the YouTube Partner Program for Filipinos who wants to monetize their contents on Youtube, just visit if you’re interested.

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Source: Youtube Blog | GMA News

Last modified: October 16, 2011

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