Video: Microsoft on Siri: “We did it first!”

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I’m sure you’ve seen the video above and probably sick and tired of it. It’s a video interview by Forbes tech writer Eric Savitz talking and Craig Mundie, Microsofts’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer about the future of xbox 360, kinect and voice/speech control tech on Windows Phone 7 and siri.

I like the way Craig Mundie points out that Apple did not release “a completely new phone” when they announced the iPhone 4S last October, but I guess he’s just being true and like the rest of us, I too was disappointed when Apple first announced the iPhone 4S but I came to realize that it’s not Apple’s fault if people are expecting more from them. Microsoft’s speech technology is powered by TellMe, which they acquired early 2007, while Apple acquired Siri last April 28, 2010.

Yes, it’s true that Microsoft had the Voice/Speech control technology a year earlier before Apple announced iPhone 4S last Oct 4. But what Craig Mundie, Microsofts’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer does not get is that Apple did not claim to have done it first but what they’re (Apple) doing is that they’re making it better, simplifying it, improving and perfecting it, so that when we (consumer) use it, we’ll immediately think that Apple is the first to have done it and that what’s great about Apple, they improve/perfect something what other companies think is already great.

A good example of this is Siri, Yes TellMe does have simple commands like “text Mom” and Bing searches for a certain word but Siri is on a whole new different level, Siri not only understands “natural language” it also knows what you mean and remembers it, which means you can talk to Siri just like how you talk to your mom, dad, sister and girlfriend for that matter. If you don’t believe me, then just checkout the side-by-side Siri vs Tellme comparison video.

In today’s tech landscape where almost everything have been invented and created, being the first to do it does have it’s advantage but it who does it better is where the money is, like what Facebook did with Social Media, Apple in tablet and Google for Search. One more thing, if you didn’t already know Apple did not invent the tablets but I guess you already know that right?

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Last modified: November 27, 2011

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