Video: Introducing “Vangie” the Pinoy version of Apple’s Siri

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Even before the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S on December 16th, many are asking if its virtual assitant Siri will carry its full function in the Philippines. Reviews put it by saying Siri will have a limited answers for majority of our queries since the service has limited sources in the country.

A week after mobile carriers Globe Telecom and Smart Communications launched iPhone 4S, those who have gotten themselves the newest Apple baby will no longer have to worry about maximizing Siri. Make way for the Filipino version of the Apple virtual assistant – Vangie.

Vangie, the Pinoy adaptation of the American Siri has been the talk-of-the-town recently. The video has been shared numerous times in social networking sites such Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even blogs.

Filipino’s creativity is really on high with the creation of Vangie. Though the video mentioned about Macapuno Systems as the company behind Vangie, no other official statement from the company has been released for the introduction of Vangie or even its integration to iPhone 4S units.

For now, let’s all enjoy watching the hilarious video (below) and follow her on Twitter for updates. We’ll keep you posted with the development on this news though.

Last modified: December 23, 2011

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