Listening to Monster Radio RX 93.1 via Radio Philippines Free App

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Been listening to RX Monster radio using the Radio Philippines Free App. Being outside the country means that you’ll have to give up on some of the things that are already became part your daily grind and one of things is listening to my favorite radio station (NU 107 and RX 93.1). I need to access RX and the old NU’s web site in order to listen to their shows, of course being in a lazy world typing the web address, doing a click or two is a lot of work.

The Radio Philippines Free App is an 8.5 MB app that will allow you to listen to more than 20 (AM & FM) radio station in the Philippines. The app have Search, Favorites , History and a Now Playing section, where of course you’ll see the radio station that is currently being aired. You can also tell your friends (followers) on twitter on what you’re listening to.

The Radio Philippines Free App is compatible to both iPhones and iPad, you can also change the wallpaper using the images stored on your idevice. The Radio Philippines Free App also has the ability to run in the background that will allow you to keep listening to favorite radio station even if you use another app.

You can also unlock other features of the Radio Philippines Free App like the recorder, sleep timer and alarm when you purchased the app, but who needs those feature if you just want to listen to your favorite DJ.

I know there are other apps that you can also use to listen to radio station in the Philippines but so far the Radio Philippines Free App is the most review and compatible to all idevices (iphones, ipod touch and ipads).

If you have not downloaded the app, just access this link on itunes or using your idevice to start listening to RX Monster Radio!:)

Last modified: December 10, 2011

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