Twitter launches Brand page for Companies

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Looks like every social networking site are building their own (customizable) brand page for companies and advertisers. After Facebook and Google+, Twitter introduced on Thursday their very own brand page to strengthen relationship with advertisers and companies.

Initially, Twitter’s brand page, which is part of the social network’s comprehensive redesign plan, were first tested by 21 commercial partners namely American Express, Best Buy, Bing, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Dell, Disney, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Intel, JetBlue, Kia, McDonald’s, Nike, PepsiCo, Staples, Verizon Wireless, NYSE Euronext, Heineken, Subway and Paramount Pictures (for the movie Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol).

With the new Twitter brand pages, advertisers can now customize their Twitter page particularly the header so that their company logo and tagline will be more visible.

Also, advertisers through their brand pages can easily control the messages that visitors see, when readers or followers visit the brand or profile page, a promoted tweet will be visible on the top most portion of the profile page. This is to highlight the brand’s best content which can be a tweeted text, photo or video.

Like that of the other social networks, Twitter’s brand pages for marketers are free including its features, and because these are brand pages, Twitter made it more corporate-like page by sorting out all of the brands’ ‘@’ replies and mentions.

Twitter is also expected to launch these brand pages for Twitter’s mobile clients.

Source: Mashable

Last modified: December 9, 2011

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