Video: Samsung’s concept ad for flexible screens

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We first saw this at CES 2011, then last October, Samsung was in the news again about flexible displays and now Sammy releases what they call a concept ad showing how cool flexible display will be once used on what appears to be a hybrid smartphone-tablet.

Video after the break.

Sammy plans to market the flexible display by 2012 and I’m sure this will be Samsung’s main attraction on the upcoming CES 2012 (a prototype may be?).

It may just be a concept ad but Samsung already gave us a glimpse of the future (and in just 30 seconds). So is this going to be the future of mobile computing? It can, as long as they (manufacturers) can create a compelling product using this new technology.

Source: Engadget | Slashgear

Last modified: December 5, 2011

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