YouTube for Schools: One good reason to access Youtube at School!

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According to a TechCrunch articlecomScore says Google sites (a.k.a. YouTube) was again the top video property in May with 147.2 million unique viewers, 2.17 billion viewing sessions and an average of 311 minutes spent per viewer on the site (that’s an average of 5 hours spent per view in May).” and you can bet that will increase as more and more quality content are uploaded to youtube and other video streaming sites.

So I can understand why school and companies alike prohibit their students and employees for wasting their time watching the latest trailer of the upcoming Avengers movies or Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. But it looks like Youtube plans to change all that by creating the Youtube for Schools, a network setting that school administrators can turn on to grant access only to the educational content from YouTube EDU. With more than 400,000 educational videos, from well-known organizations like Stanford, PBS and TED, and from up-and-coming YouTube partners, Youtube may soon be included in your son’s curriculum.

So next time you see your son accessing youtube and telling it’s their assignment, you’ll know they’re telling the truth. For more reading, just click the source link below.

Source: Youtube Blog

Last modified: December 13, 2011

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