Get Creative with Siri

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Much ado has been made of Siri, the iPhone 4S feature/personality. The personal assistant who can create event calendars, send text messages and answer your questions ranging from “Where is the nearest frozen yogurt shop?” (Siri: I have found four frozen yogurt shops within five miles of your location”) to “Do you love me?” (Siri: “I’m not allowed to”). But a few right-brained people have hacked the most popular digital guru since AskJeeves.

The Beer Hack

A group of advertising and marketing wizards apparently got bored in the office and formulated an elaborate plan to turn Siri into a bartender. The plan involves Siri, a dedicated Twitter account, a remote controlled car, a receiver that starts and stops the car based on the tweets received containing the word “pour,” and of course a beer. When the tweet is received by the account, it activates the receiver, which controls the cars forward function and rams its frontloaded cargo, a beer, into a wall where a spike opens the can and beer drips down into a glass. Not the most efficient way to have a happy hour, but definitely the most creative.

The Car and Cold Hack

If you ever walked outside to find your car was gone, what would you do? Well if you were a programming wunderkind like a hacker who goes by the name “Brandon,” you could just tell Siri to deactivate the engine. In fact, you could also tell her to pop the trunk, start the car, arm the car and disarm the car. Brandon used a “Siri proxy” code to connect to an existing software program in his car. The same code has been used by another hacker named “Plamoni” to control his house’s thermostat.

This might not be what Steve Jobs had in mind when Siri was first laid out on the table, but it’s a pretty good representation of what a little ingenuity can do for you.

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Last modified: January 3, 2012

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Get Creative with Siri

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