Google already knows your IP and it’s creepy!

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Go to Google’s homepage, then on the search box type [ what is my ip ], see your IP Address? Creepy right!? We all know that large web sites like Google, Yahoo and Facebook has the ability to track your IP address but most site neither provide that information nor publicly admits it. Now with the correct search term, Google will tell you what your IP address is.

To some this may seem trivial but in the wrong hands like a hacker, knowing your IP and a few security hole on your computer can result to your computer being hi-jack, giving them an all-access to the files saved on your computer.

If you think about it, aside from being freaky, creepy and the fact that Google knows your IP, you may ask what else do you think Google and other web site knows about us and our online activity? Of course that cookie thing and facebook having all our information is different a different thing.

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Last modified: January 6, 2012

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