Google Chrome the top browser in Philippines for 2011

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It looks like it’s a good year for Google Chrome and ended the year with a bang! According to StatCounter, Google Chrome is the most used (desktop) web browser in the Philippines, being used by 57% of Pinoy web surfer last December 2011 and that’s from 37% when the year started. Firefox on the other hand continue its down-trend from 45% last January 2011 and ended at 30%, despite their effort in releasing a major Firefox upgrade every two months.

One surprising data here is that IE is having a slow death on 3rd spot even though it’s the default browser installed on all Windows machine and the Safari browser is as flat as it can be.

Here in Saudi Arabia, it’s a different story, IE is the top dog but declining from 67% last January and ended at 47%, while Google Chrome has taken the 2nd position and catching up with IE fast, from 16% and ended the year almost reaching 28%. On 3rd is Firefox that barely moved from where it started at the start of the year and it appears that Opera Browser is popular amongst Saudis since it moved from 0.78% to 50%, not much but a positive note to end 2011.

Globally IE’s browser share is slow declining from 46% down to 38% but still the most used browser, while the main story is between Firefox and Google Chrome, Firefox was second in command for most of the year but on a slow down-trend while in 3rd is Google Chrome on a rapid phase going up then November happened where Google Chrome over took Firefox for the 2nd place, leaving Firefox for the 3rd spot. If this trend continues Chrome will be the most used browser in the world by the start of 2nd quarter.

Of course mobile browser is a different story.

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Google Chrome the top browser in Philippines for 2011

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