Jerry Yang: Resigns from Yahoo’s Board of Directors!

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In a breaking news, Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s founder and a member of the company’s board from the year it started (1995) will be stepping down from is position as a board of directors and will be leaving the company he created. Yang resigns from Yahoo’s board just less than two week after they hire former Paypal President Scott Thompson to be its new CEO.

Jerry Yang will also be stepping down from the boards of China’s Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan, as it negotiate to sell its stakes in both companies.

With a new CEO, Jerry Yang out of the picture it looks like Yahoo will and must rebuild the company (possibly re-open or renegotiate it’s attempt to be acquired by Microsoft or Apple anyone?). If you can remember Jerry Yang turned down Microsoft $47.5 billion take-over bid to acquire Yahoo. It looks like someone will be shouting YAHOO!!! once that deal takes place. I would just want Yahoo to “stay alive” and reclaim it’s past glory as one of Internet’s best online tech-media company.

Update: Yahoo’s official statement on Jerry Yang’s resignation, click here.

Source: WSJ
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Last modified: January 18, 2012

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