On RIM’s plan to license BlackBerry software to OEMs

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An article via BGR said that RIM is planning to license it’s BB software particularly the BB OS to other OEM like Samsung, HTC and others. While this may appear to be a good strategy, this is in fact will likely kill RIM than save it.

2 reasons why this licensing of BlackBerry Software to OEM is a bad move for RIM.

1. RIM is a hardware company and not a software company. Like Apple, Dell, HP and other OEMs, A majority of RIM’s revenue comes from the number of phones sold and not from the number of BB messages that you send and receives.

2. RIM must compete with established players like Google( Android), Microsoft (Windows Phones OS) and HP (webOS) that are licensing their software ranging from cheap-dirt price to free.

What RIM needs to do is to focus on R&D and bet every they have on the next big thing in mobile space, if not create the next best thing after smartphones and tablets, just like what they did with qwerty keyboard and the BB Playbook OS 2.0 software update is a good start. Let’s just hope that it’s not too late for the company.

Last modified: January 11, 2012

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