Poll: How much have you spent on your Apps?

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I must have spent around $500 alone on (iOS) apps, the apps that I installed on my iPhone and iPad are either productivity apps or full versions of games after I got bored on the free versions; like Fruit Ninja, Plant vs Zombies, Sushi Chop and the different editions of Angry Birds etc. Then there’s the videos and music that I’ve purchased.

The money, time and effort that put on these apps and other contents on my ipad was the main reason why I bought an iPhone 4S instead of the new Moto RAZR or the all touch BB Torch. Since most of the apps can also be installed on the iPhone with any additional cost.

With this, I would like to do a quick poll.
How much have you invested on your smartphone/tablet apps, contents (video and music)? Did it influence you on which phone/tablets to buy? And if someone will have you the same amount that you spent on the apps/contents will be enough to switch platform say iOS, Android or Windows Phone?

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Last modified: January 18, 2012

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