TaxiKick; the web app to punish those abusive taxi driver

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Developed by Pencil Rocket; a tech-start up based in Manila. It looks like they found a way to help commuters reports abusive taxi drivers. is a web app that allows you to report taxi drivers that are choosing, refusing commuters, over charging and sexual assault.

How it works?

Just visit, then just supply the needed information like plate number, violation, taxi name (operator’s name) and comment. Once you’re done, just click on the large blue button that has the word “KICK THIS TAXI!”.

Checking the last 20 reports, it looks like the most common violation that being reported are taxi having No meter, Refused boarding, Over charging and Tampered or broken meter. Fortunately nothing serious have been reported. All the reports that are sent via are then sent by the company to LTFRB and MMDA by the end of the day. So you can just imagine how many reports they are getting.

Pencil Rocket has great product on their hand and it’s been features on a number of major news outfit already and as long as TaxiKick can deliver their promise, I won’t be surprise if LTFRB and MMDA recognizes them as another channel for reporting abusive taxi driver.

I wonder if they’re an iOS or Android app coming? I’ll update you, once I got that information. For the meantime, let’s start kicking!

Source: Rappler

Last modified: January 4, 2012

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