Video: SOPA/PIPA Explained!

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A number of high-profile sites like Google, Wikipedia, CreativeCommons, WordPress and Vimeo when dark today (an almost complete list here), to send a message that they don’t want these 2 bill (SOPA and PIPA) to be pass on January 24, 2012. But what exactly is SOPA and PIPA? Why are tech/internet company do not want this bill to be passed as law?

FightfortheFuture.Org posted a video explaining (almost all) the good and bad effects of SOPA/PIPA to the interwebs. FWIW, all internet users should be aware and vigilant about internet censorship, what makes the Internet great is its openness and freedom of expression. But if you censor the internet, it’s no different than watching a concert where everyone are acting line a bunch of idiots minus the music. Video after the break.

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Last modified: January 19, 2012

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Video: SOPA/PIPA Explained!

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