Why SOPA/PIPA like bill will eventually become laws in other countries?

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Last week, we saw the whole of Internet and Tech community as a whole unite to fight a common enemy; SOPA/PIPA. We did win the battle but have not yet won the war. That however opened the eyes of other organization and countries that they can lobby or pass similar bill probably an improved version of United States’ SOPA/PIPA and will eventually and hoping it will not take away the real essence the Internet.

So here are (3) reasons why a SOPA/PIPA like law will be implemented in other countries.

1. Truth to be told, there are a lot of corrupt politicians, that alone can be a reason why SOPA/PIPA will eventually become a law. Corrupt politicians doesn’t care about internet freedom o piracy as long as they pocket are always filled with their money, they’re OK with that. Though I’m not saying all politicians are like that.

2. In other countries, there’s no Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and WordPress that will help internet them.us. Even if they do, I don’t think the impact will be similar to what happened last January 18, 2012. The best that we can do it to use Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook or create a blog about our protests.

3. Other company/government will see this as a weapon to take down their enemy. Self explanatory!

The main objective of SOPA/PIPA is to stop piracy and IP theft, and there’s nothing wrong with that but if it takes away Internet’s freedom without dues process then that’s another story. Heck just two days after the Internet went dark a group in the Philippines is planning to lobby a localize version of SOPA/PIPA. So anything else that you can add to the 3 reasons that I mentioned above?

Last modified: January 27, 2012

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