Lady Gaga launches her own Social Network called Little Monsters

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Lady Gaga recently launched her own Social Network called LittleMonsters. Currently in beta and by invite-only, the social network will the ultimate lady gaga fan access to exclusive Lady Gaga exclusive contents and a great place to interact with other Lady Gaga fans.

Via Mashable: — the first product created by startup Backplane — gives Gaga’s fans an outlet to create or share Gaga-related content, interact with fellow “Little Monsters” and publicly show whether they like what other users post. You can request an invite to join the network now. (just leave your name and email address on

With a look like Pinterest and a popularity-vote feel like Reddit, the Little Monsters website appears to be latching on to what’s hot on the web right now: sharing visuals and rating content.

With over 47 millions likes on her official FB page, 19 million followers on twitter, plus the countless fan created pages and sites, it looks like Lady Gaga does not want other company to cash-in on her popularity and social connection, so having her own social network will give Lady Gaga more control and leverage use her contents in advertising and merchandise deals and probably (in the future) an online concerts for her littler monsters. So if you’re the ultimate Lady Gaga fan, having a Little Monster account is a must. More reading and screen shot at the source.

Source: Mashable | Technorati

Last modified: February 14, 2012

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Lady Gaga launches her own Social Network called Little Monsters

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