Nuffnang Philippines: Newest Target of Internet Phishing?

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Nuffnang Philippines, one of the most popular online advertising company in the country, recently released its statement pertaining to the internet phishing attack affecting its members.

The growing number of bloggers in the Philippines makes it more fun to stay online and read various stuff being shared by fellow Filipinos who are now conquering the cyber space. But for malware engineers, this is a great time to attack users.

The reported attacks are said to be drawing potentials in hacking bloggers’s information and redirecting site address from the legitimate Nuffnang site to a fake one. These attempts can exploit users for profit.

As per anti-malware studies, such acts are normally and usually profit-driven. Considering that Nuffnang Philippines is a known blog advertising community, the attack can really drive money to the hackers.

Nuffnang Philippines, in their statement sent to community members, denied that they are sending out email notifications regarding the “new banner codes”. These fake email messages, when clicked, will ask you to register to a database under – a fake, copied URL of the legitimate’s

The blog advertising company is now blocking off the malicious site. Tapping their programmers to fix the issue, Nuffnang Philippines assures each of their community members that they are continiously working to make their blog community a safer place for everyone.

As a quick solution, Nuffnang Philippines provided a way to get rid of the malicious site. Here’s the step-by-step solution provided via Nuffnang’s website:

1) Surf to in Firefox

2) Help > Report Web Forgery and fill in the form here. Say something like “This site is a fake of and tries to harvest user passwords”

3) Go to in IE

4) Safety > Smartscreen Filter > Report Unsafe Website. Do the same

5) Go to In any browser.

For those who already have signed up, Nuffnang suggests that you change your password as soon as possible. Other reports, suggestions, comments and/or questions can be sent to Nuffnang representatives or

Source: Nuffnang Philippines

Last modified: February 5, 2012

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