Proper Introduction: KabayanTech

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This is a long over due introduction of Kabayantech blog and yes part of this post can be seen in the ABOUT section of this blog. So without further adieu, welcome to KabayanTech my tech blog where I share about tech specific topics like (local) tech news, Tech Start-up in the Philippines, gadgets reviews, tech tips, analysis and opinions.

I’ve followed a number of tech blogs and so far most (if not all) only covers gadgets, local tech news and just a little to nothing on local it/tech company in the Philippines, that’s why I’ll try as much as possible to cover and share my thoughts on some of the Tech company in the Philippines and if possible signup and use their service instead of those services in other countries, of course posting about gadget reviews and other tech news won’t hurt right?

Let me tell you something about the name “KabayanTech”. Kabayan is the Filipino word for countrymen or in Wiki’s definition “countryman or someone from the same town.” the name is not related to Noli De Castro in anyway or with the Benguet province. Of course the TECH part is pretty much self explanatory unless of course you want me to bore you with the dictionary definition of TECH that I’ll probably copy and paste from another web site.

I’ve also invited and will invite a number of contributor, so at least you won’t get bored with all my rants and complains. KabayanTech is also the combination of a number of tech blogs that I created before ( and, so if you’re a reader of either of those site, I would recommend that you update your bookmarks or readers.

Anyway, I sure hope you like the new direction that I’ll be taking and I sure love to see around.

Last modified: February 8, 2012

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Proper Introduction: KabayanTech

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