Apple Patent Outlines Plans For Real-Time Exercise Tracking, Fitness Contests

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Nike + iPod technology allows exercise enthusiasts to upload and share their performance data with other users on the Nike+ website, With this type of technology, users could see more competitive edges in terms of their own personal performance versus others.

Apple, on the other hand is planning to improve/ enhance this technology by allowing users to simultaneously share info (realtime), as reported on AppleInsider.

Imagine inviting your friend from across town to take a couple of hours in the gym (or even on a personal treadmill), while monitoring each others performance, at the same time, you could be burning those unwanted calories and keep yourself up do date in fat burning.

The continuing improvement of current platforms, programs and applications are helping improve efficiency in data reporting. But how does this directly make an impact to the things we’ve gotten used to like personal chitchat with a buddy while standing next to each other on side-by-side treadmills while you talk about the latest gadgets or the most romantic place to date that other girl on the far right. Or the usual paper and pen tracking of calories shed during the workout session.

All these and more are soon going to change the way we see and do things as we become more automated, and “hi-tech”. with the iOS versus Android tech race. These app world would surely see their way in the next couple of years.

Though I’m personally still a huge fan of the Android platform, I still appreciate the smoothness of the iOS apps that are coming out. But if I were to think of an application that would make the most bang for my buck. I would go for something that could nearly mirrors the knowledge that of our doctors. An app (or gadget) that could pretty much check and convert medical terms into layman terms, provide us with ample information on  how to identify symptoms, diagnose, or even provide information on how to cure such illnesses.

We go around trying to look for the best technology out there, and we need not be surprised once we come across something we’ve thought about a year back.

Last modified: March 15, 2012

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