Don’t you just hate it when TV hosts says it’s a Trending even if it’s NOT!

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Yes, it’s obvious that this is a some kind of rant regarding twitter and that so called trending topic, which some people abuse and make a fool out of themselves. Just like what the title says, I hate it when a TV host suddenly announce on air “Worldwide Trending Topic tayo ngayon! (We are now a trending worldwide)” or “WOW! Trending topic ka ngayon sa twitter! (WOW! You are now a trending topic on twitter)”, then the other host will just follow up on what the host said. It’s an insult to the viewers and twitter users (like me).

First why would you say that you’re now trending when majority of your viewers don’t even know what twitter is and how to use it, and even if they do, I doubt that they’re tweeting about the show. Second, I don’t have a problem if they say that they’re trending worldwide and that they’re actually do but the fact of the matter is when a host say that “they are now trending worldwide” then you check twitter, they’re not even a trending topic locally, which just makes them look like a fool, specially to people who twitter power users.

So let’s just take a look on how does one topic become a trending topic? There are two things that determines a trending topic – number of people tweeting about the same topic at the same time and the hour of the day, of course the number of your followers, what the topic is and location are also a factor.

So let assume that we are in the Philippines; an average of 1600 tweets on a period of 6 hours and about 750 users are needed in order for a topic to be trending. The nature of the topic and the locations of those 750 users will also be a factor in determining if the topic will be trending or not. And of course if the TV Show is just 2 hours and the host said that the topic before the commercial is now trending, then the number of tweets would be more than the 1600 and more than 750 users. I would have accepted if the host will say “TRENDING TAYO SIGURADO BUKAS (For sure we’ll be a trending topic tomorrow)”.

So if you’re watching a TV show and the host suddenly shouted “TRENDING TAYO (WE”RE NOW TRENDING!)” try not to be fooled by their irrational behavior and foolish acts, and maybe just maybe this article will be a trending topic once it’s published!

Last modified: March 10, 2012

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Don’t you just hate it when TV hosts says it’s a Trending even if it’s NOT!

  1. gel says:

    Well, it depends on what show you are referring to. I am checking the Twitter Treding Topic everytime I watch Gandang Gabi Vice. I have seen a person/topic trend while watching the show, say for example, Ethel Booba, or other words related to the show.

  2. Abiel Abuy says:

    I don’t have any problem with that, what I’m “ranting” about are those who are saying otherwise. Like today the trending topic is about the “Azkals”, “Karl Roy” (may he rest in peace), and now it’s “Arnold Clavio”.

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