Manage your Passwords Conveniently with DirectPass

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Trend Micro, a leading online security company, recently launched DirectPass, a software that manages website passwords and login IDs.

To eliminate the growing numbers of identity fraud victims, Trend Micro introduces a software product that is capable of handling all of the users’s online login IDs. This include features such as keystroke encryption, secure password generation, automatic form-filling, confidential notes, and a secure browser.

With DirectPass, you only need to remember just one password for all of your online accounts regardless if you have different login IDs on each of them. It gives you convenience and extra protection by synching the login information of those websites that you usually go to across multiple devices.

DirectPass gives you more security on your online activities. You get an extra layer of online security with a specially designed browser for online banking and financial websites and protection from keylogging malware.

Initally, DirectPass supports Windows PCs, Android mobile, and Android Tablet as well as iPads and iPhones. All devices are automatically encrypted and synchronized using the cloud.

You can try the “freemium” or trial version and manage up to 5 passwords or get the 1-year unlimited passwords subscription for $14.95 or the 2-year subscription for $24.95.

To know more about the product, just click here.

Full disclosure: I work for Trend Micro but this blog is not connected to Trend Micro in anyway nor do they have control over the articles that I write.

Last modified: March 16, 2012

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