Facebook just made it easier to stalk locate YOU!

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A few days ago, Facebook announced that they’ll be making your Facebook address (URL) the same as your Facebook email address, which means, a spammer just need to know what your Facebook email address is and be able to access your FB Timeline (Profile) or vice versa.

From the looks of things Facebook wants us to utilize our Facebook email address more than any other email service that we have. Facebook did not mention as why they’re implementing this, it could be for uniformity or consistency and it does makes it easier for people to contact and know our FB Address but at the same time it does not make your Facebook profile or email address more secured and private. I guess, we just need to adjust our FB Privacy Settings for this.

I’m still an old school email person and I do have a number of email accounts. So maintaining another email address would be an additional headache for me.

Last modified: April 13, 2012

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