Filipinos are the top freelancer on Odesk

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Here’s another thing to be proud of, in an article from TechWireAsia; Filipinos are the top and most active freelancers on oDesk; a top freelancer web site.

The Techwire article is based on post by Prof. Panos Ipeirotis of New York University that basically show that Filipino who works as contractor/freelancers are flexible in terms of adjusting to working schedules even if there’s a 12 hour difference between the local time and their client.

Aside from the Philippines (10,900+), other top contractor/freelancers on oDesks are from; India (10,300+), United States (3,500), Bangladesh (2,200+), Pakistan (1,900+), Ukraine (2,400) and Russia (1,900).

All other countries have very natural patterns of being awake and asleep; Philippines is an exception. We see that the minimum for Philippines rarely drops below 5,000 active workers! All other countries (combined!) in their downtime time cannot beat Philippines in their low time. The supply of work is very constant over time.

There are a couple of natural break points (see the small dip around lunch time and another one at around dinner time) but even during the (Philippines) night the work keeps going on. In fact, you can see clearly the peak of employment is at around 9pm-10pm in Philippines, which is the time that the East Coast in the US starts working as well. The low point for Philippines is at around 4am-5am their time, which is 4pm-5pm in the East Coast.

If you can remember, last year (another freelancer web site) also reported that Filipinos are the top user of their site. Both the oDesk and reports are not surprising, since we Pinoys can easily adjust to different working schedule, as long as we are compensated properly.

I also work as a contractor, so I can relate to the report made by Prof. Panos Ipeirotis of New York University, specially on the working schedule part.

Last modified: April 10, 2012

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Filipinos are the top freelancer on Odesk

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