Apple upgraded the A5 processors on iPad 2

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Here’s more Apple news, when Apple announced the new iPad, people seems to have disregarded it’s predecessor; the iPad 2. But people at Chipworks notices that there’s something different with the iPad 2 and it looks like it got an upgrade as well.

Chipworks discovered that Apple discretely upgraded the “refreshed” iPad 2 process and use the revised A5 SoC (S5L8942) processor. The new A5 SoC (S5L8942) processor was created using Samsung’s 32nm HKMG (High Metal K-Gate) process, and this has been verified by several review sites.

According chipwork; “The new A5 measures nearly 41% smaller than its predecessor, coming in at 69.6 mm². Process shrinking not only reduce costs by fitting more dies on a wafer, but it also improves performance and lowers power consumption.”

There are a number of reason why Apple refreshed the iPad 2’s processor but one that stands out is that apps that have been updated to take advantage of the new iPad’s retina display is affecting the performance and battery life of the “old” iPad 2, hence the need to refresh the processor.

Because of Apple’s secretive nature, I won’t be surprise if they deny chipworks report, of course we can always rely on those people really know their stuff, so for iPad 2 owners be it the “1st-gen” or the so called “new ipad 2”; if you notice any changes on the performance or battery life, it would help if you post your findings below.

I’m using an ipad 2 (bought it 2 months after it was announced) and so far I have not notice any performance nor changes on how the updates on the app is affecting the my device, it could be a different case for graphics-intensive apps. For more reading, just click on the source link(s) below.

Source: e27 | chipworks

Last modified: April 16, 2012

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Apple upgraded the A5 processors on iPad 2

  1. Kumes says:

    hi, the updated apps do not consume more power on the iPad2. Your claim is incorrect.

  2. Abiel Abuy says:

    Thanks for clarifying that one.. how about the performance?

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