Nokia to discontinue Ovi Share on May 30, 2012

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During the glorious days of Nokia in the Philippines including those times when they released their smartphones, the company offered Ovi Share, their own online service that enables Nokia users to upload and share files such as photos and videos. But recently, this service is about to be discontinued as Nokia started sending notifications reminding members to download their data in their Ovi Share accounts. The service, per Nokia, will no longer be available until 30 May 2012.

Nokia said that the Ovi Share shutdown is part of company’s revised services mission to focus on mobile and location based services. As a result, the Ovi Share service will be closing. However, users will still be able to use their Ovi Share username and password to access other Nokia services. Nokia encourage members to use one of the many online photo-sharing services as a way to store and share your photos and videos moving forward.

Additional details on how to download all the data that were stored in Ovi Share are available upon accessing the online storage site. If you already have another copy of your files existing on your computer or another sharing service, you do not need to do anything.

For further questions about this service change or need help downloading your files, please contact Nokia Care by going to and then selecting “Contact Support.”

Last modified: April 6, 2012

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