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Being an employee of Corel, you’d think that I’ll post any new products that Corel releases. I’d love to do that but it’s been my decision to just post it here after the whole world knows about the new software, unless of course someone arranged a special request. Just like what the title says, Corel last Thursday released the latest version of their word-processing suite; the WordPerfect Office X6 now with new and powerful tools that you can use and exploit.

WordPerfect Office X6 must be the word-processing solution that can rival MS Office in terms of cost, file support and now it has a WordPerfect Viewer for Android. With the introduction of WordPerfect Office X6, Corel introduces new features and tools that you can only get from WordPerfect Office X6.

Via Corel Blogs:

1. Multi-document/monitor support – Far too often when creating documents, we have the need to open up multiple documents in different windows. Some might be for reference purposes and some might be to actually work on the document. The point is that with WordPerfect X6, you can open many documents in different windows and if you have multiple monitors, you can move these windows onto your monitors…effectively spreading your work across a number of screens.

2. New macros – Macros are a great way to automate time-consuming, repetitive work. One of the new macros in WordPerfect X6 gives you the ability to find and replace multiple items. For example, if you need to change “Tom” and “Thomas” to “Bob” and “Robert” throughout your entire document, this macro will make these changes in one fell swoop.

3. Advanced preview – WordPerfect now supports the Windows 7 preview capability available through Windows Explorer and Outlook. But we’re supporting more than just preview. Through the Context menu, you can search, zoom, go-to and print your document without opening WordPerfect. There are two more features worth mentioning:

4. WordPerfect Viewer for Android – With this release, we expanded our WordPerfect Document (WPD) mobile viewer family by adding support for Android. So now in addition to viewing WordPerfect files on your iPhone and iPad, you will be able to view on Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire and Motorola Zoom.

5. WordPerfect eBook Publisher – WordPerfect X6 removes the complexity of creating MOBI eBooks for devices/readers such as the Kindle. Whether you author your eBook from scratch or grab content from other documents, the new eBook Publisher ensures that the WordPerfect document you create is viewable on MOBI devices and readers as you intend it to be.

The Wordperfect Office X6 is now available online via the or from your local retailer. A 30 day trial is also available, just click here to your own copy. The new WordPerfect Office X6 is available in 6 edition; Standard, Professional, Home and Student, Legal; each edition is tailored to meet your word-processing needs.

As for the price, you can just refer to the list that I created below, these are for both box and download version.

Standard: $249.99
Professional: $399.99
Home and Student: $99.99
Legal: $379.99

Upgrade pricing is available for the Standard and Professional edition as long as you any of the following; Corel® WordPerfect® Office X4 or higher; Microsoft® Office 2007 or higher; Microsoft® Works Suite 9 or higher.

Standard: $159.99
Professional: $259.99

Just head to, for more information, you can also click here for the full PR.

Last modified: April 29, 2012

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