Mozilla Prepares its app Marketplace for Beta Testing

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If Apple has Apple App Store and Google has Google Play, now Mozilla is steaming up its very own app market that is set to move on beta testing in the next few weeks! Mozilla marketplace, a repository for browser-based, any mobile platform apps is almost here to stay!

Screen image of Mozilla Marketplace

Mozilla Marketplace Soon in Beta

Mozilla marketplace was first announced during the Mobile World Congress last February, inviting all interested developers to submit their apps in the market. Until now, the market is still open for submissions. Developers who will submit their app will get the opportunity to reserve their app name and a chance to be featured in the official launching of the marketplace.

The marketplace will showcase apps that implement the integration of three robust and popular web-technologies today: The HTML5 for structure, JavaScript (JS) for the logical implementation and Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) for visual aesthetics, behavior and layout. Since these technologies are widely supported or employed in all modern browsers, applications in the marketplace are possible to install on any device regardless of its platform- although Mozilla confirmed that for the initial implementation of the market, apps installations that provide feature-rich, native install experience will be supported on Mozilla Firefox only.

During the beta testing, developers can take advantage of their submitted apps to:

  1. Test their app with a committed group of early adopters;
  2. Build an early fan base and gain popularity and
  3. Target tech savvy consumers with their app.

Along with the consumer launch of the marketplace later this year, Mozilla will also release the marketplace source code to the general public to allow developers create their own marketplace and offer their apps in their own website.

If you’re a developer but not quite familiar into building apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Mozilla has also come up with centralizing all the necessary resources you need through the Mozilla Developer Network. The site provides topics, documents, demos and community that every aspiring developer can use to successfully implement their app.

Source: Mozilla Marketplace | Mozilla Developer Network

Last modified: May 23, 2012

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