Social Networking and Organ Donating in one, Is it possible?

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Sometimes the smallest discussions generate the greatest ideas. Imagine having the initiative to gather all organ donors into a room to talk about what part of their internal organs they would be willing to donate and how the right person that’s miles away would benefit from it.

Though we could clearly see that there’s an organ shortage when we are in need of a transplant (who wouldn’t have a shortage when we aren’t equipped with a pair of all internal organs at any given time), there’s still a way to find that appropriate donor somewhere across the cyberspace (that’s right, cyber).

Founder and CEO of social network powerhouse Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had a dinner chat with his girlfriend about organ donation + social networking, and how it could save lives. According to ABC News, this could save many lives “More than 112,000 Americans are awaiting organs, and 18 people die every day from the lack of available organs, according to Donate Life America, a nonprofit alliance that is partnering with Facebook”.

Saving a life a day by means of social media is a big task and a noble one to say the least, especially with all the negative publicity that social networks are getting, remember the backlash FB got when they bought Instagram for $1 billion?

Imagine having to go through a kidney transplant but you’d have to wait for a long time with little or no hope of getting one because of that long queue on the waitlist. If there was an easier way (social networking style), then definitely you’d be desperate to get on that bandwagon to save yourself.

that being said, we could see that Facebook is now moving into looking at the long term picture. we’re talking about initiatives, software, applications,etc. that focus on the bigger picture. That would definitely keep them ahead of the game.

More and more people use the social network to do many things and organ donations is one way of making it worth it. Seems like facebook is going for another go at its media popularity, after the controversial “Timeline”. If you like to read more, just click on the source link below.

Source: ABC News.

Last modified: May 2, 2012

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