“The Avengers” may be Marvel’s biggest yet!

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Ok, just watched the movie Avengers and the movie surely blow-away my expectations and just like the other Marvel movie (something about a group of mutants), this one is full of action, twists, and humor which is what lacking most Marvel movies if not all.

The Avengers movies is already raking in more than $384,517,000 and the movie’s reported budget was $220 million and to think that today is the first day of the movie in US soil. It’s been showing for more than 2 weeks now on other countries like in the Philippines, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and more than 10 countries, which could have contributed to the strong box office earnings.

If you’re going to watch or will watch the movie again, you must stay until at the end of the credits, just like what happened with the first two Iron Man movies, Thor, Capt. America, Hulk, Marvel pretty much show us who the next villain will be if ever there will be a sequel.

And just to psych you before you watch the movie, here’s the movies trailer.


Last modified: May 5, 2012

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