Android’s latest OS–Jelly Bean now available to developers!

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Android's Jellybean OS Now Available!

While Android phones in the market right now are not “majorly” powered by–or at least upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich yet, Google is here once again, just announced another operating system, version 4.1 coded Jelly Bean and is now available for Android developers. Jelly Bean will be another major android OS version to run on Android smartphones–in a not so long future offering new, additional features and a promising more even, responsive and intuitive robot interface!

Some of the new and additional features to look forward to include:

  •  vsync timing and triple buffering which delivers seamless and faster response to every drawing, animation and scrolling of pages–this feature is also referred to as ‘The Project Butter‘;
  • enhanced accessibility for services that allow you manage gestures and accessibility focus as you move through the on-screen elements and navigation buttons using accessibility gestures, accessories, and other input.
  • Multi-Language support–not a new feature actually–but there are additional languages added by default in this OS version such as Indic languages, Arabic glyphs, better glyph support for Japanese users and others.
  • Expandable Notification gives more detailed, multi-line information that can be long-pressed to reveal more information about the sender and optionally disable further notifications from the app.
  • Android Beam–already sported by Samsung Galaxy S3, is a new type of connectivity that allows two android devices transfer or exchange files just by touching the two phones together.
  • Improved Android Browser and WebView which now supports HTML5-based video viewing, smooth and faster rendering and improved text input.

Jelly Bean, was also launched at Google’s I/O Keynote at Moscone Center today but the developer’s website for android developers covers a more elaborated information about the new  features that is yet to offer by this new operating system.

Last modified: June 28, 2012

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Android’s latest OS–Jelly Bean now available to developers!

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