Apple Smart Case; the cheapest Apple product that was (un)announced at the WWDC 2012

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Apple may have forgotten to give this new iPad accessory its own 15 minutes of fame but that does not mean the new Smart Case does not deserve some love. An upgrade to the Smart cover, the new Smart case is just that a case for your iPad, actually for your iPad 2 and the “new” iPad.

Unlike the Smart cover that only protects that screen of your iPad, Smart case is a one-piece cover and case that will protect both the screen and the aluminum back of your iPad. You can fold the smart case’s cover and use it for facetime, movie and as a keyboard stand.

This $50 iPad accessories is made from Polyurethane material and available in 6 colors (Gray, Dark Gray, Blue, Green, Pink and Red), the case will have opening for the dock, rear camera, headphone jack and mute button but it’ll covering the power and volume control. You’ll also get a free laser-engraved if you want to personalize your Smart cover if you bought it from the Apple Online Store.

The Smart case may look like those iPad cases from 3rd party accessory maker but like the Smart cover that came before it, I’m sure the new Smart case is not that useless specially when it comes in protecting your beloved iPad. Since I’ve been shopping for a new case/cover for my ipad, the only problem is that I need to wait for the Smart case to be available locally.

Last modified: June 14, 2012

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