Can Apple keep Samsung’s S3 out of the U.S? Smells like a turf war

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“It’s on”, that’s what the situation is between the 2 mobile monsters of today, Apple’s iPhone versus Samsung’s Galaxy S3 release in the U.S is something that’s starting to garner huge attention.

As stated on the website of, Apple wants to keep the S3 out of the U.S due to ingringes on 2 Apple patents (U.S. Patent No. 8,086,604 and No. 5,946,647). Whatever the feud is, in my own opinion, it looks like Apple is seeing the S3 as a huge threat to it’s impact on sales  in the U.S market. Though I highly admire how Apple keeps their programs, software, and applications in a closed-loop in terms of sharing and compatibility wherein your regular itunes music can’t be simply transferred and shared to an outside OS like Microsoft Windows (unless you of course have itunes installed on your PC), but going into a market of sharing and compatibility, Samsung has taken my vote by making it’s apps and progs compatible and available easily without going through tough installations and purchases.

Enough about the accessibility and all, let me get back to my main point. The way I see it, Samsung might be dealing great damage to the iPhone lovers’ market with the likes of the S3 with it’s sleek, trendy, lightweight, and upgraded arsenal. Regarding the motion to keep Samsung out of the U.S, “Samsung believes that Apple’s request is without merit” as quoted on the CNET website.

Though all this fuss may not be just about intellectual property rights, but it’s also about revenue in the form of market share. Imagine if the people of the U.S would have chosen the S3 over the 4s, that would be a big loss for Apple.

I would personally say that Apple should start exploring more and developing more designs to keep up with the competition. Samsung isn’t just creating 1 phone at a time, it normally releases so many mobile phones, tablets, etc. wave after wave while Apple is steadily releasing roughly 1 phone Annually. Apple really needs to up the productivity on that and out-perform Samsung the way they should.

I’m rooting that Nokia is going to hear about this and start taking advantage of what it could just to get back into the game. And we might just see the end of the trendy iPhones.

Soon there would be an iPhone 5,6, or even 7. But definitely Samsung isn’t going to stop with the S3.  The Galaxy S series is just the beginning of a big battle. The U.K, then the U.S, then the world…Read more about this here

Last modified: June 9, 2012

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