Doctors and Physicians spend more time on tablets and smartphones

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Yes, it is true, but this doesn’t mean that our doctors and physicians don’t really pay attention to their jobs, in fact, they are using technology to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

I’ve done a bit of reading and came across an article about “doctors adapting tablets into practice”, It states that what they used to draw on scratches of paper (this is when the doctor explains something in our own language and we get a visual copy of it) are now being done on the tablets as there are apps that would have a picture of the human anatomy (or other parts involved), and they could now simply illustrate what the problem is to the patients, they could then even save that image and get it emailed or printed so that the patient could have their own copy. Also on the article it states that people that go in for check-ups would normally go through a  process where the nurses take their vital signs and store them on the tablet which then goes into the Electronic Health Record “EHR”, theneafter they would leave the tablet with the patient for their perusal and say “the doctor will be with you shortly”. The patient would then be able to read articles or studies or any references related to their current situations.

Given this kind of practice, we could really see that technology is invading every corner of practice or profession. That small piece of scratch paper with that scribble of what the problem is, is all we keep as a reference or even memento when we take that visit to the Doc. We could now preserve it even further by seeing the “soft copy” online or a printed image (better quality than that scribble). We could even do research on the meds that they would prescribe, read about related illnesses, or do whatever is necessary. Before we would only know these if we had that 3 min discussion with the doc (and at times we space out because of those weird sounding medical terms that sound alien).

Nowadays, it’s surprising that the older doctors are the ones that actually take a grasp of this kind of technology quicker than the younger ones. For more information, you could read here

It’s always fascinating how we could use technology to automate, educate, and duplicate. Automate things that used to be manually done, Educate those people that only get a grasp of the knowledge through formal education, and duplicate the results in a quicker and more efficient way. It’s true that technology has gone a long way from where it used to be.

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Last modified: June 16, 2012

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