Update: Google intro Chrome for iOS; now available via Apple App Store!

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Day 2 of Google I/O at Moscone Center in SanFran. Brian Rakowski, VP of Chrome announced that Google Chrome of iOS will now be available for iOS (iPhone and iPad). The mobile browser is not yet live but Brian said that the Google browser will be available in the Apple App store later today. The download link for Google Chrome for iOS is now live via the Apple App Store, that and more after the break.

Notable features of the Chrome Browser for iOS are:

  • Unlimited tabs
  • Unified address box and search box
  • Omnibox
  • Offline reading, plus you can send the web site that you are reading to other devices
  • Auto login to Google related sites and services
  • Password and bookmark synching to other devices

The Chrome for iOS will need you to be running iOS 4.3 and higher devices, Chrome iOS will feature Chrome sync and will have the UI similar to the desktop version of the browser. The Chrome for iOS is now available for download, the file is 12.8 MB and what’s intriguing is that the build number is 19.0.1084.60, considering that this is the first release of the app on iOS. I just downloaded the app and will be testing the new browser and we’ll see how it compares to the Safari on iOS (iPad).

Anyway, checkout this video below showcasing the Send pages feature of the new browser and how you can access the same page through multiple devices.

Last modified: June 28, 2012

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Update: Google intro Chrome for iOS; now available via Apple App Store!

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